Files storage.

Storage space available.
Organizable with directories.
Shared for administrators of a group.

File types.


jpg, jpg, png, gif, animated gif.


pdf, zip, txt, csv.


kmz, kml.

The tools menu.

Select the menu, opens the menu.
Select the menu when opened, close the menu.

Select a folder to go to the directory.
In a directory use the arrow to the left to go up one directory.

Select a file to view details.


Paste files

displayed when file was copied.
To copy file from one storage space to another.

Add an place

To add a place.
For further information.

Add a directory

For to easily organize your files.

Add a file

Send the file to server.
An amount of local currency is withdrawn corresponding to the final size of the file and not the original size.
When the file is deleted, the sum is refunded.

In the case of an image :
You can specify the width and height.
Or keep the original values.
By default the width of the image is 1920 pixels.
If the image width is greater, the image will be resized.

Modify the directory

To edit, move or delete the current directory.

Prices list