The groups.

Work collaboratively.

Groups allow to exchange and work in a participatory manner on a set of contents.
Each member of a group can have specific rights to work on the content.
Each group at a storage area for share images, documentations and places.

Group type.

The contents of a group may have three visibility levels.


The contents is visible by all Internet users.
Shareable on all social networks.
Visible from all search engines.


The content is only viewable by members of website.
Not shareable on social networks.
Not visible on search engines.


The content is only viewable by the members of the group.
Not shareable on social networks.
Not visible on search engines.

What audience can see the content.

All public.
+12 years.
+16 years.
+18 years.

Sending messages.

You can send a message to all the directors, members and subscribers of a group and to a language or country.
Upon receiving the message, the recipients to reply to the entire group or only to the message sender.


Edit content.
The member may modify existing content.

Create content.
The member can add new content and media.

Delete Contents.
The member may remove content and media.

Accept members.
The member may accept applications for membership to the group.

Remove members.
The member may remove members of the group.

Change the permissions of the members.
The member can change the permissions of another member.