Global Positioning System

For the system to work :
You have to give your consent to Vl2rl.fr for geolocation.

To get the GPS coordinates of a location

With Google Map© right click on a place and more information on this location.

In outside for to add a location go in the member or group storage area.
Member storage area.

With an image to upload
If information Exif Gps are in the image, these informations are used to fill in the coordinates.
Exchangeable image file format.

KMZ file
Upload in the member or group storage area.
This file format is automatically detected.
Icon is placed before the file name.
You can then import the places.

To create a KMZ file with the software Google Earth © :
List of places
On a directory or a place, right click and save the places under....

Latitude and longitude.

2 possible measurement units

Decimal, as with Google Maps ©.
DMS Degrees Minutes Seconds N or S.


Decimal latititude : 46.934843
Decimal longitude : -6.951044

DMS Latitude : 46° 56' 5.4348'' N
DMS longitude : 6° 57' 3.7584'' W

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