17600 characters.
Equivalent to 4 A4 pages.

The content of the input area is divided into two parts:
The tools menu and the entry area.

helper content
Screenshot capture content.

Content structure.

By default :
The header blocks.
The h1 tag is used for the title.
The content you entered.

It is possible to position the head block elsewhere.
Using the following command


The tools menu.

Select the Tools menu, opens the menu.
Select the Tools menu when opened, close the menu.

helper content
Screenshot with tools menu.

Use for:

Where is the input cursor, the insertion a file from medias zone.
Moving in a style chosen the selected text box. (title, italic, bold, ..)
To place a caption under a picture.

Insertion of elements.

All links can be inserted anywhere in the content by simply Copied / Pasted.
After content validation, the system automatically identifies the type of link.

Html type links
If OpenGraph elements in the web page are specified,they are used to the image, title and description, as on most social networks.
Open Graph

To not have this done.
Use the commande before the link :

{{url not solve}}

To restore the function.
Use the commande before the link :

{{url solve}}

Image url
The image is inserted into the content.

A image may be :
A file of the storage area.
A url of an external content.

Video url
The video player is selected to insert the video in the content.
Works with:

Youtube ©

Vimeo ©

Dailymotion ©

Audio url
This allows to easily make audio guides.
The audio player is selected to insert the video in the content.

Works with:

SoundCloud ©

Downloading files
A files types :

pdf, zip, txt, csv, kmz, kml

Advanced mode

List of html tags that can be used.


You can customize your content using the CSS properties
CSS properties

Example :

<div style='background-color: rgb(255,0,255);'>
Your text

Result :

Your text

Warning !

Always ensure that your content is valid W3C.
Validation Service

Good creation !